I am a freelance writer with over eight years of experience writing for online media. My expertise is in music journalism, especially feature artist interviews. (Outlets published on include: Music for America, LA2DAY, Covers, Chicks with Guns, and BlvdCentral.com.)

I am, however, very flexible in my ability to write about multiple subjects. My second most covered topics are political and social issues. Those issues frequently appear in my music related articles, as I often cover artists with social justice focused messages.

In addition, my background includes freelance marketing work, such as social media/viral marketing, blog and website content, and press releases for artists and non-profits. I also have extensive editing and proofreading experience.

This blog is my space to explore whatever topic currently piques my interest, whether that be art, politics, or something about whatever city I happen to be living in. (I currently reside in New York.) The blog name comes from that, and the fact that my favorite pieces to write are interviews.

For more work, visit http://www.clippings.me/nataliehamingson
Follow me on twitter, @NatalieJill.

All opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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