The Joy of Violent Movement

Northside’s Innovation Festival Showcases the Latest in Technology
and Beyond, by Natalie Hamingson

While the Innovation portion of Northside Festival was aimed
at the latest and greatest in technology, its appeal certainly wasn’t limited
to just the tech-minded. With a focus on three verticals?entrepreneurship, content,
and design?the Innovation Expo and Conference featured companies and speakers catering
to a wide range of fields. Although not someone who would typically attend a
tech fest, I was certainly able to find many items of interest as I sampled
what Northside’s Innovation had to offer.


Though the Innovation badge itself
was relatively expensive compared to the other festival features (just over
$300), attendees could sample what’s trending for free, with both start-ups
and already established brands, at the Expo/Northside Trade Show in McCarren
. Unfortunately, the sweltering blacktop heat didn’t encourage extended
browsing, but the featured companies certainly made the Expo worth…

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