Woah, can anyone see me through these cobwebs? To say it’s been a while since I updated this blog would be a serious understatement. I’ve decided it’s time to resurrect this thing, but before I start posting again out of the blue, here’s a little update on what’s been going on with me:

After a health crisis forced me to leave New York and move back home to LA at the end of 2011, my plan was to find work and save up enough to continue back on my own again. I healed up and got the opportunity to write for a website called Blvd Central. It’s been a remarkable experience, because that outlet gave me the guts to cover topics that I probably would have hesitated to write about in the past. But things on the employment end weren’t working out so well, and after two years of sporadic temporary jobs, it became clear that I needed to make a drastic change.

Most of my (seriously amazing) extended family lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and they have been begging me to move out there for, oh, ever, and last November I finally said, why the hell not? So I accepted my very generous aunt’s offer to move in with her, packed my bags, and started a new adventure in the Midwest.

I’m happy to say my decision was absolutely the right one. Kansas City may not be the fast paced city I will always be partial to, but I am so grateful that I get the chance to see firsthand just how underrated the Midwest is. For one, there is a surprising amount of striking scenery out here. There is a fair share of wide-open space and country roads, but also an abundance of alluring architecture in downtown KC, where you can find a mix of charming brick buildings, art deco style structures, and a few Frank Lloyd Wright designs. Lees Summit, the suburb I live in, has its own downtown too, a small area filled with quaint shops and restaurants so adorable, being there feels a little like being inside a Christmas Village.

The people I have met have given me nothing short of a warm welcome. Before my plane even took off from Los Angeles, I had a Kansas City resident offering to help me find work. Not to mention, I am getting to spend lots of quality time with my cousins and their absolutely adorable children.


Last but certainly not least, I have been working a TON! And when I say a ton, I mean it. (Like I went through a two-week period in April where I had three jobs at once.) After a series of odd jobs, (including a few freelance writing gigs), I finally landed my current position of assisting with fundraising event coordination at a non-profit.

I’m very much enjoying having such an interesting day job where I have the opportunity to learn so much, but I have to confess that it feels totally bizarre to only have one job. After months of being crazy busy, I am getting super antsy. So in an effort to keep myself from bouncing off the walls, I have decided to bring this blog back.
For the most part, I would like to this blog to feature interviews, my favorite thing to write. I fully intend to use this space as an excuse to discover my current city, but don’t expect this blog to be focused on only Kansas City. I plan to explore anything and everything that peaks my interest here, from topics to geographical locations.

And if you know of any talented artists or interesting people I should be talking to, please send them my way! I have to admit that my hectic schedule has me in somewhat of a bubble, and this blog is for me to burst out of it and explore. I did try to interview someone in my current circle recently, but my subject wasn’t so cooperative. Watch and see what I mean:


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